Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Less than a week left...

So, less than a week left in the country and we have decided to leave the idea of spending another month in Namibia (we had some difficulties with work since we moved to Botswana and so we decided to limit the damage we received on that front).
But, we have also decided that it would have been a sin to leave Botswana without seeing the "beauty" of the country. So we drove to Kasane and arrived today for a couple of days in one of the most beautiful safari in the world (so they say... we'll see...).

So we're enjoying a couple of days of total relax here (a part from a couple of hours work here and there). The place is beautiful, we had the boat cruise today in the Chobe river and we saw A LOT of elephants (cutest things ever, especially when babies), a lot of hippos, buffaloes and plenty of different birds. Tomorrow we'll have the game drive and we're hoping to see some lions to be honest. If not, then it doesn't matter because Sunday we're going with Pat and Dinah to South Africa to a beautiful place where we can cuddle lions cubs and whatnot so... that will do it...

Anyway, by the 20th of March we'll be in UK, with Luke and Cherry and then we'll take it from there.

From that moment on, I won't be having a blog (I think we'll barely have the time to breath) but we'll update this in case something big changes in our lives.

In the meantime, we're going to Northern Ireland to settle and help the congregations there since there is a lot of need.

Thanks everybody for following us until now. We hope our experiences helped you in having the desire to serve where the need is great or at least to encourage you to do more in the ministry where you are. And remember... you can be a need greater in your own country and your own congregation. You don't need to travel abroad to be one. So just pray to Jah to help you serving him where the need is greater. His blessings will surpass any sacrifice you will ever make.




  1. Sound like you are really enjoying your last few days in Africa. Nice to end on a high note especially after all the problems you had with the Visas.

    But I did want to say that after you get back to Europe don't forget about your blog completely. There are a lot of things that go on "behind the scenes" in order for a couple to work as need-greaters and sometimes those adventures just as encouraging to hear about. Not to mention that Ireland sounds like a nice goal and we'd all love to hear about what it takes to get there and what it's like (different from Africa?).

    That being said I know how it's easy to get busy. Just give us a little update every once in awhile because we'll be wondering what you are up to. :)

    A Missionary's Life

  2. We'll definitely do... I really enjoy your blog. I like the way you keep up writing :) I remember the good old days in Uganda when I would write at least once a week... I will keep in touch of course. Enjoy the ministry for us... Ireland will definitely be different! We'll see... Thanks for following us.

    1. Hi thanks it is real sacrifice keep up that spirit

  3. hi i have enjoyed very much your blogs. i'm not sure but i think we crossed paths (without meeting) at an assembly in Guadalajara. Keep up the good work and especially the wonderfully positive spirit you have.Your experiences have been super encouraging. Romans 1:12 comes to mind. may Jehova continue to bless your hard work.