Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our backyard is a zoo!

Hello readers,

How are y’all doing (as my dear friends Tay and Megan would say)?

We’re okay, thanks for asking J

Although we’re still waiting for news for immigration (and we probably won’t hear any for a long time), we’re enjoying the ministry of course! Very much… And we’re enjoying the new couple, Luke and Cherry, from UK. They arrived the 1st of December here and they’re staying for 3 months. Needless to say, they’re loving the field as well. They’re already on 10+ studies after just a couple of weeks. And one of those studies came to the Kingdom Hall. She actually came the day after they found her.

They’re a blast, honestly, and we really needed some fun here! They come to us every Friday and spend the night. So we all treat ourselves to something special to eat.

As far as our ministry, Chris has 5 studies and I have about 3-4 that I can count this month. This month will be a little quiet because everybody goes to their village for Christmas and New Year, so we have to wait for them to come back to do the study. One of my studies come to the meetings as well and we’re only on chapter 2 in the Good News Brochure… So… I guess we can say that the ministry here is really nice! What’s funny is that we often go to look for an interested person to start the study after the first call and although the person is not there, we find somebody else who is even more interested and wants to study…

We’re still trying to organize where we will go when we have to get out. We’ll probably leave around the 20th of January for Namibia. We think we will spend a week here and a week there, trying to spend as little as possible of course as this whole move is costing us 2 arms and a whole body J.

So we hope we will see some of the nice places in Namibia and we’ll pop in into immigration… you never know! We might actually have a year visa there… we still don’t know!

Anywho, not much movement here for now.

Oh wait, yeah… actually, we found out that there is a small leopard living in the field behind our backyard (Luke and Cherry saw it and we heard it “meowing” one night) and… the other day we came back from the field and there were baboons in our backyard… also, if you look at our flickr album, you’ll see that not only we have plenty of birds in our garden but also an ostrich farm next to us. And we calculated that we’re about 1.5km from the border of South Africa. Cool huh?!

Well, that’s it for now!