Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Panduro Saga

Dear affectionate readers,

the Panduro Saga is coming to an end. After 8 years, we're going home. What?? What's that? you're saying...
Well, Botswana denied our application and that means that we have until the 18th of March left in the country. We're planning to spend some time in Namibia after that so we should be heading home Memorial's time.
Unfortunately we tried, and we failed. And we did try hard, believe me. If you have been reading my preceding posts, you will realize that (and I didn't write everything we did to get that visa...).
When you are against an immigration office, there is nothing you can do to change their mind.. not this office anyway.

We were lucky they gave us 30 days apparently, even though we had just paid for 90 days and they took that away from us.
When you are rejected here, in theory you should get out in 48 hours. So we're grateful we did get the 30 days.
We're sad of course... especially if we think about the 18 studies we had, of which 7 comes regularly to the meetings. And once we are gone, it will be very hard to find someone to look after them since only 3 full time servants will be left here and their schedule is already jammed pack with studies... soo... people, if you're thinking of moving abroad and serve where the need is great, Botswana is good. It's not easy if you want to stay long term of course, but our experience is not that common now. Many brothers and sisters have been given 10 years visa. But we're not going to lie... it's not easy.

You need patience, hope, long-suffering and self-control. If you think you got them, then please, please, please... come to Lobatse. They really need you here.

So, our plans now are to go to Namibia for some time, enjoy the field and the sea, relax, recharge our batteries a little bit and then off to UK. We're looking at different places where it's cheap to live and where there is need. We'll let you know when we settle.

Thanks for reading all these years and for supporting us. We thank you for your prayers as well. If your dream is need greating, don't give up! Jah will bless your plans whatever they will be.


  1. Hi! I know it can be discouraging having such crazy visa problems, Africa doesn't seem to make anything easy! But take courage, you don't know where Jehovah will direct you as long as you keep making yourselves available to him. Keep up the good work. Hope you have a nice relaxing time in Namibia.

    A Missionary's Life

  2. Hi! Thanks for the encouraging words... We're trying not to see this as a defeat but more as a provision from Jehovah. I think we need to rest and regroup a little. The last 5 months here have taken a big toll on us, more than we expected. We'll settle for a little while and see what Jah has planned for us. Nice blog you have going. We're sure Jah will keep blessing you as he has done until now. Keep up the good work. And keep in touch...

  3. I just ran across the entry.

    Let me say this ...

    It definitely was not a defeat. Nor did you fail at your attempt. We went through almost the exact same thing in our Need Greater efforts. We made it a year in Mexico, before having to come back home.

    We knew the same thing. We had to come home, and regroup, and heal, as we went through some pretty traumatic experiences. It's been three years, but we haven't taken our eyes off of our goal of getting back to Need Greater work. Only this time, we'll be better prepared.

    Regardless of your direction in the future ... it was not a defeat, and it was not a failure. No one can ever take away your experiences you had there, and no one can ever take what you did away from you. You tried to do the right thing, in an outstanding way. When Jehovah and Jesus look at your service, they would NEVER think: "Well, they didn't last". They look for the positive. They see: "Wow. Look at what they did in serving while in Africa. They served us for five months!"

    Sometimes, things just do not work out, even when YOU did everything correctly. I loved the experience of David wanting to help the Israelites in Keilah this week in the Bible reading (1 Samuel 23). Here's the Keilah-ites, and they're being raided by the enemy. David wants to help his fellow Israelites. He asks Jehovah. Jehovah tells him to go, and tells him a second time, that if he does this, that Jehovah will be with him.

    So David goes to Keilah, and for this act of bravery? People tell Saul that David is there. Wow. Some reward for going to fight against the enemies of Israel. So then Saul goes after David, while David is trying to fight off Sauls enemies! And it got worse! Then David asks Jehovah: With this change in circumstances ... will the men of Keilah turn me over to Saul.

    Jehovah tell him: Yeup. That's what they're going to do.

    So David tries to do the right thing. Fight for the men of Keilah. Fight for Saul, and protect Israel. For his trouble, the very people that he's trying to help want to turn him in.

    The mission didn't succeed in the way that David wanted. But his intention, was to help. As was yours. Jehovah looks for our good.

    The reason I ran across this entry? I was searching the net, as it looks like in a couple of years, we may be ready to make our next attempt at Need Greater service. I just so happened to run across this entry.

    Stay upbeat. When we got back, I got pretty depressed for a while. This is normal. Know that we thank you for your service while you were there. And may Jehovah bless you.

    Dan Shy