Sunday, 17 November 2013

Welcome to Botswana... the proper way

Hi everyone,

I hope you haven't got bored of us already. Here are some things that happened to us in the last few days...

1. We didn't get into the house the day we anticipated. There was too much to clean and the next day nothing had been done by the Landlord so we had to wait until he's finish. We officially moved in Saturday night... So we're still working on making it a "home".

2. Unfortunately they broke into our car during the 10 minutes we decided to go and buy some icecream. They were really quick, got the lock off completely and stole (stupid me) my beautiful Mexican field service bag with my bundle "Teach/God's Love book" all prepared, my Ugandan leather magazine folder and of course my wallet with my driving licence and ATM card. Went to the police (funniest experience ever as after writing the report they asked me "Is this really the truth?" and after I said yes they made me swear it was... you know, like they do in court but without the Bible) and had the report done but little hope of finding my things...

3. We went to Gaborone to fix a shock in the car and put the alarm on it. The dealer then lent us a car to go and do some shopping, so we went to buy the washing machine and when we went back, the dealer had lost our car!!! They found it eventually but that wasn't fun!

Well, that's it for now! On Monday we start the Visa application process. Once we know more about it, we'll write in details how it works.

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