Tuesday, 12 November 2013

So here's what we've got so far...

Hello everyone..
sorry for the delay but you know, T.I.A. Having said that.. things here are much quicker and more organized than in other places in Africa...

For example, we arrived less than two weeks ago and this is what we've accomplised as of today:

1. We've got our free temporary visas!!!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/yokorittona/10821154063/ It's 90 days so this Friday we need to get on with the Work Permits but considering that there had been a mistake at the border (we wrote 3 months instead of 90 days so they gave us 7 days thinking that we had asked for 3 days), the officers in the immigration office in Lobatse were super accommodating and helpful and they gave us our 90 days. So we have until the 31st of January to get a Work Permit.

2. We've got a car http://www.flickr.com/photos/yokorittona/10820990734/ And funny enough this is the car we always wanted to have. This exact model, not a newer one, but this exact 96's Honda CRV model. It was expensive and yes, we really tried to get a smaller and cheaper car but not only smaller cars are not exactly suitable here (unless you live in Gaborone, the capital, and don't move around much), they're also more expensive than this one. And although this is from 1996, the conditions are super excellent inside and outside. Hasn't been used much!!! It's perfect, so comfortable and spacious. A big change from our super car (Ford Ka) in Mexico.

3. We've got a house http://www.flickr.com/photos/yokorittona/10820814355/ And to be honest people, this was definitely from Jah!!! So listen up! So, we reckoned (I'm sure you will agree) that as when you arrive here you don't know if you're going to get the work permit or not, it would be great to find something furnished at the beginning so as not to spend too much on furnishing a house. Of course, it's easy to find such a place in the capital, but outside??? Well, not that common, and even when you can find one, the standard of the furnishing is... well you got me right? Okay, so we had lost any hope of finding a furnished place and we thought "Okay, let's get the smaller place possible and buy only the necessary at the beginning, you know, a bed, a stove, a fridge". Anyway, the houses we saw were huge, empty and ugly, with walls around them up to their windows... like prisons! So, we were so close to get the "Easiest" solution but it was kind of depressing to think about. Then we went to look at this farm house in the middle of nowhere just to keep our word as we had told the landlord we would go and see it. But when we saw it outside we honestly thought "oh dear, this is going to be a touch and go and no thank you". Well he wasn't there so we called him and he said that he wasn't able to come but that we could go the next day to see the house. Again, we thought "uff what a waste of time" but the next day we went and this time we walked in and... well, surprise surprise, the house was the nicest we had seen since we had arrived. The furniture is actually pretty nice and modern. I was mostly scared of the kitchen as even the nicest house here has a hideous kitchen. Well I was of course pleasantly surprised as this will definitely be the nicest kitchen I have ever had. I will post some pictures once we're in and we cleaned everything.
Another pleasant surprise were the bathroom as both of them have bathtubs inside!!! And wait for it... we're not talking about a normal furnished place with a bed and a table and a kitchen and whatnot. We're talking about plates, pots, pans, glasses, decorations, fridge, stove, sofas, tv, curtains and a fireplace in the sitting room. It's perfect not only for that!!! It's also the quietest, most peaceful place ever! Looking at the savannah, neighbours around but not too close and birds coming to visit the trees in the garden. Sooooo nice! That's exactly what we were looking for. It ain't finished!!!! It's the cheapest place we found! It's the same price we had been paying for our house in Mexico. So, how's that for being taken care of by Jah?! He never fails to amaze us! Never!

4. Chris has got 3 Bible Studies... No, they have not been handed over to him. He found them in the door to door ministry! Yeah... that's what Africa is all about :)

Anywooo... that's it folks! For now... 

We will, once we have our papers and whatnot, write a post with all technicalities on what to do to come and serve here, how to do it, what you need, etc. So, stay tuned! Any question? Ask, and we'll try our best to answer quickly!


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